Monday, September 15, 2008

Two things

Good news first, I've heard a rumor that Merge Records is going to be reissuing the Volcano Suns records sometime early next year. Yay! I wonder if they'll release just the ones that came out on Homestead or if the SST releases and the one on Quarterstick are coming too?

Next is the sad stuff. R.I.P. Rick Wright. Wright wasn't the member of Pink Floyd that got all the credit or the one that got the cult but he did write a few good songs in the band's early years. I like 'em anyway.


Blogger bob reich said...

chunklet says that the first two albums (The Bright Orange Years and All Night Lotus Party) are get the deluxization. More info and a poorly tagged bootleg... here.

16/9/08 7:20 AM  
Blogger KS said...

Yeah, I read it there first. I forgot about it until I heard it again from another source.

If Merge has re-issued abunch of great 80's Boston bands. How long till they get to the Neats?

17/9/08 7:15 PM  

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