Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stupid kids

Somebody asked me to send them a copy of "Stupid Kids". Since I had the mp3 ready I decided to post it here too. I'm posting a few other songs from ULTRAPROPHETS OF THE PSYKICK REVOLUTION too, as well as the b-side to the "Stupid Kids" single. You're welcome.

"Stupid Kids" is the best song Christmas ever did. I imagine the first few lines are what kept it from getting enough airplay to be a popular record. "Kids" was followed on the record by a strangely peppy end-of-the-world song. Things are hit or miss after that but most of the songs still sound good twenty years later.

Christmas played a few shows with the Butthole Surfers - there is some some similarity between the bands. Mostly subject matter and atmosphere, Christmas is more jangly and much less intense.

ULTRAPROPHETS OF THE PSYKICK REVOLUTION is the only Christmas album I really liked. The first one didn't connect with me at all but I did like it well enough to keep a copy. VORTEX was the band's last LP and some think it was the band's best moment. I think it's boring and I didn't keep it.


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