Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Three by Five By Five

I don't know what the cover of this record is made out of but it resists wear & tear better than any cover I've ever seen. This jacket is 40 years old and still looks brand new. No ring wear, scratches or bends on the corner. It appears to be regular cardboard but there's got to be some sort of space age polymer in there. The ink hasn't even faded.

This record isn't treated any better than any other record I have. It's not even stored in a plastic bag, I just keep it on the shelf in between Ella Fitzgerald and The Flamin Groovies. Those records do have signs of age. It's a used record too! I don't know how long it was in the bin before I pulled it out but it had probably been flipped by a few times.

It's too bad the record wasn't made out of the same stuff - it's banged up pretty bad.

Five By Five was from Magnolia, Arkansas. The band's biggest record was a pretty good cover of "Fire". Their version of "Hush" is nice too, I like it more than Deep Purple's version. The strings are nice touch. I guess producers Joe Stampley and Eddie Hinton should get credit for that idea.

This record was released on Paula Records in 1969. I don't think it's ever been re-issued.


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