Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Interrupting all programs

This may have been the first 12" single that I bought. I don't remember buying any before this one anyway. I did have some promos that (Peter Gabriel, Dalek I) I got from a radio station but I'd never paid for one. I didn't see much sense in spending 3 bucks more for 5 extra inches of vinyl. Nobody had told me about alternate mixes so I figured that the 7" single was the same song as the 12".

I like the dub things on BLACK MARKET CLASH so when "Radio Clash" was released with three alternate mixes, I decided to pay the extra money. It helped that I never saw the 7" in any of the Chattanooga record stores that I went to in 1981.

Unfortunately, the remixes aren't that great. Not 20 minutes worth anyway. The length of both sides could have been cut in half. Which is what I would've gotten if I had bought the 7" version back then.


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