Thursday, January 22, 2009

"We can't sell that!"

A long time ago, I worked at Cat's records in Chattanooga as the import record buyer. They gave me free rein - I could pretty much order whatever I thought would sell. Hillbilly compilations, Japanese pressings, Butthole Surfer videos, Throbbing Gristle & Rocky Horror box sets. As long as somebody would buy it, I could order it.

The boss even let me put Big Black's final LP and The Leaving Trains second album for SST out on the racks.

The whole time I was at Cat's there were only two things I was told not to put out for sale. GG Allin's YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME was the top of the banned list. The only other record on the list was Bad Trip's FLUSHES THE VAULTS 7".

How did a teenage garage band get on a list with GG Allin? By putting out a record with this (NSFW!) cover.

Since we couldn't display the record in the store, the copies were sold to employees only. We only got two or three in anyway. The record was Bad Trip's second and last record. It's a rocking little 7" with three Texas garage covers. It's not bad as long as you don't look at the cover.


Blogger W said...

The Cat's RIGHT around the corner from me closed several months ago. Not a good time to be trying to sell CDs. I certainly was a crummy customer; coming in to figure out what I wanted to download later and only very occasionally buying stuff.

And the thing is, they were really pretty good. A little pricier than Amazon, and way more pricey than FREE, but they were good and knowledgeable and helpful and yeah, they'd carry/order just about anything...

23/1/09 11:37 PM  

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