Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's where the dwarves lived

Last night, we watched The Fellowship Of The Ring. And just like I do every time we watch that movie, I got out my copy of LEVEL 6 ½ by Khazad Doom.

If you couldn’t guess by the name of the Tolkien inspired names of the band and LP, Khazad Doom was a late psych/early prog band. Another clue is the 3 part suite spread across both sides of the LP. The band is compared to the Beatles and The Doors but I don’t hear either of those two bands. I do hear King Crimson on the lovely “Narcissus”, easily my favorite song on the LP. The also appear to have been Iron Butterfly fans.

Khazad Doom was from Morton Grove, Illinois. You can read more and see some pictures here. If you want to read even more, guitarist Jack Eadon wrote a book called Got To Make It about the band.


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