Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No one ever heard the song again

A while back I had a request to repost this:

Jennifer Warnes third LP is a lost classic. It didn't sell when it was first released and has not been available since 1973. JENNIFER was produced by John Cale who would start work on his own PARIS 1919 album right after finishing this one. Warnes is a great singer, Cale & Warnes chose some terrific songs, the playing is excellent. Cale wrote a song for the LP. He also used several of the musicians on both JENNIFER and PARIS 1919, listen to both LPs back to back sometime. If you've ever wished that Cale had made another record like PARIS 1919, you need to find a copy of JENNIFER.

Warnes cover choices are interesting. How many artists cover Procol Harum and Donovan, and Jackson Browne? Warnes is friends with (and worked as a backup singer for) Leonard Cohen in the early seventies but none of his songs are included on JENNIFER. Warnes made up for that when she recorded FAMOUS BLUE RAINCOAT.

JENNIFER has never been reissued. Several songs from JENNIFER are available on compilations. I have heard that Rhino is planning a deluxe reissue though. I hope that are a lot of outtakes.


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