Thursday, February 12, 2009

Doin' it again (part 3)

A&M rereleased the Feelies 1980 debut album in 1990. They included a live version of "Paint It Black" recorded in 1990 as a bonus track.

The Feelies last LP came out in 1991. TIME FOR A WITNESS also had only one cover. This time it was The Stooges "Real Cool Time".

There are some cover songs floating around on various promo singles and comps.

A third Neil Young cover "Barstool Blues" was on the "Doin' It Again" promo 12" along with The Modern Lovers "Now I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms". Both of them were released on a 45 in France too. "White Light/White Heat" was the flip of the "Invitation" promo single. I've never heard The Feelies version of the song.

And that's all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you repost "White Light/White Heat"? Just missed.... Please?

20/2/09 10:19 PM  

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