Monday, February 19, 2007

It's a shame your ride didn't go far

The upcoming movie has caused a lot of interest in Edie Sedgwick. Last time there was resurgence in interest in Sedgwick, it was much harder to find out any information about her. Jean Stein’s great biography was just about the only thing available. Which is probably why this song about Sedgwick is not entirely accurate. Brix Smith wrote the song while she was in college, probably even before the Stein biography was published in 1982.

Released in 1986, “Edie” was the second single from Fall guitarist Brix Smith’s Adult Net project. Just about everybody involved was in the Fall. Karl Burns was 'Mask' Aiechmann, Silki Guth was Craig Scanlon and Simon Rogers used the name Ottersley Kipling. Mark E. Smith provided percussion as Count Gunther Hoalingen. John Leckie produced the session under the name Swami Anand Nagara, a name he also used when he produced the Dukes Of Stratosphear sessions for XTC.

The two songs on the flip are both originals, one pretty good one not so good written by Brix & Simon Rogers, I mean Ottersly Kipling.

There’s a lot of Sedgwick stuff available on the interweb. Some pretty good sites, a few bad ones. Youtube has a lot of videos available, most of them using the same still photos and Warhol film clips as the others. You only need to watch one of them, they all look the same. Some of them use Velvet Underground for soundtrack music. For some strange reason, one of the videos uses a Raconteurs song. None of them use “Edie”, probably because it’s not that easy to find. None of the clips I watched use a Bob Dylan song for the soundtrack. Cowards.


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