Thursday, June 07, 2007

In the street

Big Star didn’t record much in the 4 years they were together. Just about everything the band recorded got used for one of the 2 LPs the band released when they were a working band or the one LP made while the band was falling apart.

So I was surprised and glad to find this E.P. of Big Star rarities back in the late eighties. Here were 3 whole non-LP Big Star songs! Also included were the two Chris Bell songs released on Car Records in 1978. I never thought I’d ever get to here those. This was long before Rykodisc brought out the I AM THE COSMOS CD. One of the 3 Big Star songs is a cover of Loudon Wainwright’s “Motel Blues” that is now available on BIG STAR LIVE.

So here are the two songs that are left. First is an alternate take of “In The Street” and then a different mix of “Watch The Sunrise”. Yeah, the sound quality isn’t great. These are from a vinyl bootleg put out by the Big Star Fan Club, whoever that was. I think they are both taken from an acetate. A worn out acetate. I was just glad to hear them however I could though. Both of these are also available on a bootleg CD called WHAT'S GOIN’ AHN. I don’t know if they sound any better on there, that's hard to find too.


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