Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Hi-Boys Combo

I don't have a whole lot of information about this band. This is everything I do know and most of this it came from interviews with other Huntsville garage bands.

The Hi-Boys Combo were a trio (maybe) that had been playing since the early 60's and were probably Huntsville's first garage band. The band was Curtis Bolden on guitar and vocals, Bobby Glenn on bass, and Ray Sanderson on drums. Terry Barkley also drummed for the band.

This 45 in was released on Gold Master Records, probably in 1965 or early '66. Gold Master was owned by Sonny Limbaugh, a local dee-jay that could guarantee airplay and shows. Both songs were written by Curtis Bolden.

The Beatles-ish"Some Man (Other Than Me)" was probably the A-Side and played to get the kids at the teen clubs dancing. "Why (Must I Love You So)" is the song they played after the lights got turned down low.

This is the only copy that I've ever seen. I found it at a WLRH record sale last year. Somebody must have donated a collection of local records to the sale because the the box that I found this in also had records by two other local bands: The Shandells and The Rocks. None of then are available on any garage comps. Stay tuned.


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