Thursday, February 10, 2005

My Baby Does Her Hairdo Long

To finish up the string of dB's/Mitch Easter posts, here's three songs that Kimberly Rew recorded right after he quit the Soft Boys in 1981.

The dB's had just finished up a European tour for STANDS FOR DECIBELS and Rew asked them to back hi up on his solo 45. So Peter Holsapple, Will Rigby and Mitch Easter (he did sound for the dB's tour) play on "My Baby Does Her Hairdo Long" & "Fishing" which were released on a 7" in England and an EP called THE BIBLE OF BOP (with "Walking In The Dew") in the U.S. Gene Holder produced the sessions. Holder & Easter flipped a coin to see who got to play bass and who would produce.

THE BIBLE OF BOP had the 3 Rew/dB's/Easter songs, 3 songs with The Soft Boys and two songs by Rew's next band, Katrina & The Waves. It hasn't been available since Press Records went out of business but fortunately Canada's BongoBeat Records is planning on reissuing the EP sometime this year. They already released Katrina & The Waves original Canadian LPs which are better/worse than the ones that came out on Capitol in 1985, depending on how much studio polish you can stand.


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