Thursday, February 17, 2005

Nonsequiter of Silence

Several people wondered why I didn't inculde any Sneakers in last weeks Easter/Holsapple barrage. I dunno, I just figured that everybody had heard the Sneakers already but the 45s & Rittenhouse Square were a little more interesting. Shows what I know. Anyway...

The Sneakers were the band that Chris Stamey and Mitch Easter formed after Rittenhouse Square broke up. Easter was also an H-Bomb at the same time. Future dB (and great drummer Will Rigby was also a Sneaker. So were Rob Slater and Robert Keely. Keely was also in the H-Bombs and later went on to play in the Secret Service.

The first Sneakers record was a 6 song 7" EP released on Stamey's Carnivorous Records. It's great. The songs were recorded in a Chapel Hill N.c. nightclub called Cats's Cradle. The club asked the band to leave so they could mop the floors so the recording session had to be moved to a friend's living room. That's what the liner notes say...

Two years later, The Sneakers returned with the 9 more songs on a 12" record called IN THE RED. The label name had been shortened to Car records. Future Let's Active bass player Faye Hunter plays the flute. Has anyone ever done a dB's/Let's Active family tree? Or the musical alumni of Reynolds High?

The Sneakers stopped even before the IN THE RED was released. Stamey & Rigby had already moved to New York City and started The dB's. Mitch Easter was turning his parents garage into Drive-In studios so he could record a bunch of bands.

In 1992, East Side Digital released a Sneakers CD with both records, and some unreleased ones too. But where is "Roadrunner"?

Thanks to Mitch World U.S.A. for all the links I stole.


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