Sunday, February 13, 2005

Speaking of The Tempos

The Tempos formed in Sylacauga, Alabama in 1965. After playing locally, they recorded one album called SPEAKING OF THE TEMPOS for the Justice Records label out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It's a pretty good record. I will admit that I was kinda let down when I first heard the record. Crypt Records released a slightly different version (10 songs from the original release & 6 live songs) of the record in the eighties and called it "an unknown killer." The current Crypt catalog calls it "the BEST of all the "rare" (but mostly weak!) full-lengthers by obscuros!!" I guess I can agree with that. The Tempos album is a lot better than the Sin-Say-Shuns IN PERSON AT PJ'S record. That one stinks.

Most of the songs on SPEAKING OF THE TEMPOS were originals covering the usual garage bands themes: girls & girls. There were a few covers and a couple of instrumentals.

Justice released a lot of garage band records in the mid-60's. There are about 20 full-length LPs that came out on Justice but the liner notes for the Collectables re-issue claims that the label recorded 150-200 bands. Most of the records that did come out are collections of cover songs. Patrick Lundborg says that there were 7 covers of "Wipeout" and "In The Midnight Hour" on the Justice label.

At least one member of the Tempos is still active in music.


Blogger theoldroadhog said...

That song "Two-Timer" is pretty hot in an amateurish way...might find its way into a set or two.

Sorry I haven't posted, I'm STILL catching up on stuff that got put off by the Mexico trip.

16/2/05 12:35 PM  

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