Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Unscheduled Hell

I wasn't planning on posting these but I figured that since I've already posted 1/3 of the SHAKE TO DATE album, I might as well go ahead and add the other good third of the record. So here's Richard Hell's 1980 Shake record. It was a 4 song EP with two songs recorded by The Neon Boys and two by The Voidoids.

The Neon Boys were a great band too late for garage and too early for punk. They were Richard Hell on vocals & bass, his high school friend Tom Verlaine on guitar, and Billy Ficca on drums. In 1973, they recorded a few songs as the Neon Boys and then added Richard Lloyd and became Television. "Love Comes In Spurts" is the only song that Hell has play with The Neon Boys, Television, The HeartbreakersThe Heartbreakers and The Voidoids.

The other two Hell songs on SHAKE TO DATE are "Don't Die"& "Time"by the Voidoids. They were recorded in 1980 by the third version of the Voidoids. In 1982, "Time" would get recorded again for the Voidoid's DESTINY STREET LP.

In 1992, Overground RecordsOverground Records released a remastered version of the Shake EP with a bonus Neon Boys song called "High Heeled Wheels". It's not included here because it wasn't on the Shake compilation. It looks like that's gone out of print too so keep your eyes open.

R.I.P. Jimmy Smith. I was just listening to this a couple days ago.


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