Monday, June 13, 2005

Show me how to do that trick

Here's another 3" CD from SST records. This was the last release from the original (only!) line-up of Dinosaur Jr. There were two covers (The Cure & Last Rights) and a short original that sounds even better 16 years later.

Along with Pixies and maybe Scratch Acid, Dinosaur Jr. invented grunge. And just like the Pixies, Dinosaur Jr. is playing again. And Merge Records just rereleased all three of the bands LPs. But not this EP, which would have fit on the BUG disc. Why isn't it there?


Blogger lil m said...

Pixies? inventing grunge? uh, besides the fact that it's just a silly genre marketing term, I don't recall the Pixies even being lumped in with that scene at the time...Hey, maybe you were on more drugs than they were?

The Pixies were affiliated with Ivor's 4AD label, which was the college rock version of an Ivy League Art School & to my knowledge has never even been linked to the grunge thang as far as I know...

Lables that pile drived the flannel flying freaks included Tom Hazelmeyer's Amphetamine Reptile out of Minneapolis, Daniel House's C/Z imprint in Seattle which put out the seminal Deep Six collection long before the Pixies ever formed or toured.

What about the Sub Pop sound ? aren't we gonna give Mudhoney & The U-Men their only claims to fame.

Masicis coulda easily been considered an East Coast rep of grunge, along with Squirrel Bait & bands from the midwest like Soul Asylum & Husker Du but I think Frank Black is gonna have to sit out the forum on the history of that scene.

Although, it's a nice kinda theory, sorta like a third man spotted on the grassy knoll thang...

cheease & peas from Sf

14/6/05 5:18 PM  
Blogger KS said...

Ever heard Nirvana? You how they did that loud/soft thing that helped make them gigantic stars? Guess where they got the idea. Cobain said that he was "basically trying to rip off The Pixies" when he wrote Teen Spirit.

I'm sure that Mark Arm had long term marketing plans in mind when he came up with the name grunge (look it up). He said that every band in Seattle listened to Scratch Acid.

Squirrelbait, Soul Asylum and Husker Du are not grunge. Neither were Loud Fast Rules.

14/6/05 7:19 PM  
Blogger KS said...

On drugs? Where did that come from?

14/6/05 7:25 PM  

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