Friday, September 09, 2005

Some music

In 1986, four Athens, GA bands pooled their talents and resources to release a compilation EP called SOME. Members of each band contributed artwork and John Keane recorded all four bands. All of the covers were silk-screened and the ink on the back of my copy didn’t dry for years.

The Bar-B-Q Killers song is the best one on the record. I saw the band several times in ’85 and ’86 and they were always great. I did not like the one LP that they put out later on. Members of the band ended up in Jack O’Nuts and Come.

Mercyland has what would have been a great song if the drums didn’t sound so bad. Sad to say but the lyrics are more relevant now than they were in 1986.

Next up is Time Toy, who must’ve been really nice guys because everybody in Athens seemed to like them a lot. I’ve only a heard a few songs and don’t see what the big deal is. They were in the Athens, GA Inside Out movie (so were the Bar-B-Q Killers). Time Toy played a reunion show last July. Oh yeah, Time Toy’s singer was also in the original Hindu Love Gods with ¾’s of R.E.M. I’ll post that single someday.

All I know about Eat America is that they had a song on on this record.


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