Monday, October 03, 2005

All night long

About 10 years ago, I found this record in a box at the Limestone County Flea Market. The label had been worn down so badly that the record was just a 7” piece of dusty plastic. So I flipped the record over and there was just enough ink on one side to show label name –“AM” and the name of one song: “The Rooster”. That got my interest so I asked the dealer how much he wanted for the record. Since he couldn’t check the price guide, the old guy let me have it for free.

One side of the record was so dusty and scratched that I even think it sounds awful. And that's after I cleaned it. Fortunately, it wasn’t the side of the 45 with this song. It’s great!

I still didn’t know who the band was so I’ve been calling them “Mystery Artist”. But thanks to the internet, I know who they are! Two minutes on Google and I found out that the record is by a group called Gabriel & The Angels. The group did a few records in the early 60’s for Swan and Amy records. The Detroit Cobras covered a song called “Chumba”. There are a few compilations with other songs by Gabriel & The Angels but not “The Rooster”. Going by the stuff that is available, it looks like they were probably a doo-wop group, maybe from Pennsylvania. Anybody know anything more about them?


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