Thursday, January 05, 2006

Covers Rock (Part 4)

Police On My Back” was one of the few songs on SANDINISTA! that everybody liked. It was also the first time I had ever heard of Eddie Grant. I had heard the Equals but who knew that one of them was still active in music in 1981? Timon Dogg had some records in the Sixties too, the Clash never covered them. His song on SANDINISTA! doesn’t count as a cover because Dogg sang and played it on the album.

Bo Diddley opened for the Clash on their first U.S. tour in 1979 and they were playing “Mona” live around then too. The song was recorded during the LONDON CALLING sessions too. I think it sounds better here.

The Clash didn’t exactly cover “Little Latin Lupe Lu” but they might as well have. I wonder if whatever bunch touring as The Kingsmen these days plays “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?”

I’m pretty sure the Clash were covering the Small Faces when they played “Every Little Bit Hurts” but I don’t like them so here’s Brenda Holloway’s doing of “Every Little Bit Hurts”. She recorded it twice, once for Del-Fi records and again for Motown. I like the strings on the Motown version.

Here’s a song that The Clash never recorded but they did play live in the last days of the band when Joe Strummer and Paul Simonon were the only two original members left.

Bonus tracks tomorrow!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Police On My Back is one of the few songs that everybody You knew liked Sandanista while sprawling and at times disjointed was one of the stepping stones into a new world of music for many of us punk assholes at the time i'm biased as i had a front row seat during those years with the boys great blog ya got thanks for the tunes and links
Record Brother

6/1/06 9:28 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

Dig that Brenda song.

Hi David 'n' Kip.


6/1/06 11:56 AM  
Blogger theoldroadhog said...

Hi Katie!
Kip these last two were really full of good stuff. I heard Police On My Back last night at the new orleans dance party that goes on in Manhattan most every thursday night...Matt (Royal Pendletons) would up playing several songs off the Equals LP for me and the tiny crowd that stayed out until 4 AM.

6/1/06 7:22 PM  

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