Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Drop a nickel in the jukebox

After World War II, Dwain Lee Voorhies was working as a truck driver in Missouri. A guy in a truck stop heard Finn singing along with a song on the jukebox and suggested that he become a singer. So Voorhies got a guitar and became a singer. His first record is under his own name with the Ozark Country Boys backing him up.

The record wasn’t a hit. Voorhies changed his name to Lee Finn and the Ozark Mountain Boys became the Rhythm Men. Finn recorded 4 songs with and put out a second 45. It’s a good one. “Pour Me A Glass Of Wine” makes me think that Lee was singing along to a Johnny Cash song back at that truck stop. “High Class Feelin’” is more billy than rock. Finn may have had more success if he had moved to Nashville.

There was one more 45 and then Lee went back to truck driving. He died in 1999.

There’s lots more details here, including a picture of Lee Finn and couple of pictures of the Westport 45 label. It's a great looking label, I had it hanging up on my wall for a long time.


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