Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Where you gonna graduate from?

In high school, my friend Phillip and I spent way too much time listening to The Firesign Theatre's DON'T CRUSH THAT DWARF, HAND ME THE PLIERS album. We were seniors and we really liked the High School Madness section. We started calling each other names from the LP - Phillip was Mudhead, I was Porgy. We would drop lines from the LP into a conversation and stop it dead. It's hard to explain why "Gee Mom, isn't that bridge built yet" or "Only to ten, Mudhead" are funny to somebody that hasn't heard the album. And most people that heard the record didn't understand why a couple of 16 year olds found a 45 minute collage of fake commercials and movie skits from 1970 so funny.

Anyway here's the "High School Madness" section from DON'T CRUSH THAT DWARF, HAND ME THE PLIERS. Maybe you'll appreciate it more than Miss Chauncey's French III class. They didn't think it was funny at all.


Blogger theoldroadhog said...

Aw Mudhead, where's your school spirit?
In the rumble seat--want a snort?

love this record
great on road trips after dark (cause you gotta roll the windows up to hear it)

6/9/07 1:04 AM  

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