Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Say what I mean

It’s been a while since I posted anything by a Huntsville band so here is the second single by the Shandells. It’s the better of the two records that the band released.

The songs were recorded at Quinn Ivy’s Studio in Sheffield, Alabama and released on Woodrich Records in 1967. Inspired by Sounds Incorporated, the band had added ‘Inc.’ to their name for the second record. And they had picked up a fuzz box too.

The Shandells were quite popular around Huntsville for a while, playing steadily at the Redstone Arsenal and Aquatic Center Teen Clubs. Probably the peak of the band’s popularity came in 1967, when the band headlined at the Madison County Fair for a week. Also appearing that week were the Harmonicats.

You can read more about the band here. They came close to signing to London Records but the deal fell through. Too bad, I'd like to hear more of the Shandells, Inc.


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