Thursday, January 04, 2007

"He was looking for the square root of the blues themselves."

About 10 years ago, I found a promo copy of BRIAN JONES PRESENTS THE PIPES OF PAN AT JOUJOUKA at one of the WLRH record sales. I had never heard the record and was glad to find a copy.

It’s a pretty good record once you get past the first few shrill minutes. The ends of the sides are better, either because the trance music needs time to work or they just sound better than the bits at the beginning. The hand claps at the end of side two are the best part of the record to me. Jones edited these down from hours of tapes, it sounds like he may have overdubbed section on to other sections too.

Clay Reed from the Subsonics saw my copy of the record and mentioned that he would like to have a copy too. At the very next WLRH record show, I found another promo copy of the LP and gave it to Clay. Hi Clay!

The title of this post comes from David Dalton. That’s how Dalton explains Brian Jones fascination with Moroccan music.

(Spelling corrected. Thanks Dave E.!)


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