Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Kenny & The Kasuals are back

Or were back anyway. This 7” reunion record is from 1979. I don’t know how many of the original Kasuals are on the record but that is Kenny singing. There’s a picture of him looking kinda new wave on the cover. The record was produced by Kenny and Mark Lee, the same guy that managed the band during their mid-60’s heyday. Lee released the 7” on his own Mark Records.

The record itself is not bad once you get past the first song. The ‘live’ medley on side two is easily the best thing on the record. It’s the one to get if you’re only getting one song. This record would be a classic if the other three songs had this much energy. The songs are too long, this one would be much better if it was a minute shorter. Kenny must have been listening to power pop when he was writing these songs.

Kenny & The Kasuals are still performing with three of original members still in the band. They’ve got some shows coming up, go see ‘em if you’re in the Dallas area. I bet they’re a fun band live.

Here’s one strange thing. Kenny’s website doesn’t mention this reunion record. THe site does mention (and several songs from the EP are included on) the GARAGE KINGS album that came out right around the same time. It’s not that bad of a record!


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