Monday, January 15, 2007


A while back I posted something about AURORA by The Bill Shepherd Singers. By request, here’s the whole LP.

Bill Shepherd knew the Bee Gees songs very well, he had been doing the orchestrations for the band since 1965. In February, 1968, he put together a group he called the Bill Shepherd Singers and went into a studio for 3 days. This is what the came up with.

Bee Gee's manager Robert Stigwood must have liked what he heard. In April 1968, Stigwood sent Shepherd back to the studio record an album of Bee Gees songs with a full orchestra called (what else) The Robert Stigwood Orchestra. Shepherd must’ve known what Bee Gees songs he liked. Seven songs show up on both albums. Stigwood pulled rank and released his Orchestra's album in August 1968. The Bill Shepherd Singers LP was not released until November '68.


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Any chance you can re-up this one? I'm unable to find it anywhere else. Cheers!

26/4/09 2:05 PM  

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