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Al & The Untouchables were a very popular dance band from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Al Huntzinger and Larry Fountain started the band in 1960. The band played all over the midwest for the next few years and recorded this single in 1964. The band released their only on their own Hunt label.

Side one is the best version of "Church Key" I've ever heard. "Danny Boy" is on side two.

And then Al broke up the band to become a booking agent. One of the first acts he signed was a quartet of high schoolers that he christened Al's Untouchables. None of the new guys was named Al.

The new set of Untouchables made one 45 too. It's another winner and did well enough regionally that Liberty Records expressed an interest in signing the band to a national deal. Nothing happened though and the band split from Al Hunt's management company. Hunt owned the name so the ex-Untouchables became the Orphans and moved to San Francisco. I don't think they ever made another record under any name.


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This big old world wide web, matrix just got a wee bit smaller. I'm from a small town about 35 miles from Cedar Rapids! The early Sixties was just a bit before I started on my musical journey. But I'm going to do some asking around about Al & The Untouchables. Back then there was a couple who booked tons of bands to entertain and give kids a place to be on Saturday nights in town. Since then the gal has been a school teacher for the past 35 years. Constantly use her as my resource for all things early sixties. Note: they even booked Dave Clark Five at the pinnacle of their popularity into our little burg! Pop. 3600

The connection you're asking yourself? See you back at The 100 Greatest Drinking Song's! Kyle

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