Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Superlaphonic hi-fi sound

Frankie Ortega led his jazz trio for years in L.A. They were the house band at Dino’s, a lounge (owned by Dean Martin) that was featured in the TV series 77 Sunset Strip. So The Frankie Ortega Trio got to be the house band on the TV series by default.

I’ve never seen the series. It’s supposed to be pretty good. I’ve got this album though. It’s the Frankie Ortega Trio backed up by Sy Oliver’s big band. I would like the LP more if Sy’s band had missed the session. They’re too loud and intrusive for my taste. The songs are good though. This one is the best, it’s quieter and the harp effect (Ortega was actually strumming the piano strings) is great. I wonder if Ortega & Oliver got in trouble over this one? Maybe Davenport and Coole owed them money.

The record, by the way, is in superlaphonic hi-fi sound. Which means it's not in stereo. I got it for the cover anyway.


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