Friday, April 13, 2007

Who the heck do you think you are?

Another garage compilation, this one focusing on jangly heartbroken teen mopes with a vague idea of tuning. I like it a lot.

SHUTDOWN ’66 was released in 1988 (or so) on Ernie Douglas records. I have heard that these songs were considered ‘uncompable’ and by BACK FROM THE GRAVE standards, they are. The guys at Ernie Douglas put all of these songs on one compilation. Uncompable or not. Twenty years after I got it, it's still one of my favorite records.

These bands are not swaggering punks, they’re a bunch of skinny wimps. The Shandells on side two played accordion, bass, and drums. No guitars! That was as wimpy as a band could get in 1966. But "Please Stay" is an amazing record! Really! Another one, “Killer Of Men”, is in my top 10 of garage records. We The People are probably the best known band on the record. The more obscure groups have better songs. If you ever wanted to hear what a Phil Spector record would sound like if he didn't have unlimited money and the Wrecking Crew, you need to hear "Should I" by The Half Beats.

So anyway here’s a whole comp of uncompable garage rock. Enjoy!


Blogger Dgrador said...

...and I was dumb enough to think that I was finished with 60's no-hit wonders. Shoulda known better. Thanks

16/4/07 6:52 AM  
Blogger Tom said...

what does "uncompable" mean?

23/10/07 2:37 AM  
Blogger KS said...

A song is uncompable if it doesn't easily fit in with a bunch of other songs on a compilation. These songs are uncompable mostly due to the wonderfully amateurish playing.

23/10/07 8:04 AM  
Anonymous dawg said...

ks, you could have just answered tom's question. You didn't have to fire off an unprovoked scud missile at the band in the process. uncompable!

23/10/07 11:19 AM  
Blogger KS said...


23/10/07 11:34 AM  
Anonymous IPC Playa said...

KS, i think the previous comment was in regards to your assessment of the band being silly and amateurish, which could be found offensive to some of their fans (like myself).

23/10/07 3:54 PM  
Blogger KS said...

Thank you for explaining.

What's the big deal anyway? This post has been up for six months and all of a sudden you get offended by the words'uncompable' and 'wonderful'.

Honestly this is one of my favorite records ever. Because of the wonderfully amateurish playing of a bunch of heartbroken teen mopes with a vague idea of tuning.

I never said any of the bands were silly. They're not. Which band are you referring to?

BTW, if you are offended by what I wrote here, you sure don't want to see the liner notes on the LP.

23/10/07 4:52 PM  
Anonymous dawg said...

easy, ky! eeeeeeeeeeeasy, baby...

i just think you could have defined uncompable without resorting to low blows, backhanded compliments and the like. yeah, you're probably the stud of compability, but not everyone can live up to the high standards you set for yourself. is there room in this world for the uncompable, less compable and any bands out there you want to label "wondefully amateurish"???

25/10/07 12:42 PM  
Anonymous roach said...

Speaking of ky, I just had my first anal experience this morning. Now THAT was uncompable!!!! And I experienced it with this wonderfully amateurish 19 yr old!!

25/10/07 12:52 PM  
Anonymous Tom said...

wow, i just had a simple question on the definition of "uncompable" as i've never seen it before (even in a dictionary)....didn't mean to open up pandora's box, but all you cats need to chill out!! it's all good...sorry for any tension i created :)

25/10/07 1:13 PM  
Anonymous dawg said...

tmi, "roach" poster at 12:52. we're trying to have a serious discussion about music here, pal. we don't need you ruining the vibe with revelations about your sexual experiences!!

25/10/07 1:26 PM  

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