Thursday, June 14, 2007

Not inflatable or big fat pets

Another mystery record. I found this in the used bin at Sunburst a long time ago. It’s a four song 12” in a white sleeve. There’s a round red sticker up in one corner that says ‘The Clams E.P.” and lists the songs. The label on the record adds the song writers name and publishing information. The record was self released by the band in 1992. The Clams were a pretty good poppy band and kept them short enough to not wear out their welcome. Most of ‘em anyway. There's a bit of new wave, the Clams were influenced by the English Beat. There's a little Joe Jackson in there too.

That’s pretty much all know about the record and the band. I googled the band name and there are a few non-seafood related hits returned. One of them was a Japanese collector site that lists the record and song titles. Nothing I didn’t already know. Also, there was a Minneapolis band named the Clams. Those Clams were all female though. Sounds like there was at least one guy in these Clams.

There were several other bands using Clam around the same time as these guys. Must've been an eighties thing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Just came across this while searching around the blog: I just found this Clams record about two weeks ago. Mine came with an insert that says they were from Fresno (my old stomping grounds, therefore obligated to keep). There's even a pic of 'em (all dudes, no girls). I can try and get a scan if you like. Aw yeah and this was released in 1982, not 1992.

-Clayton S.

21/7/08 9:06 PM  

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