Friday, August 10, 2007

Yeah, right

Motorhoney started up in 1989 when the Fastbacks were in one of their many layoffs. Fastbacks guitarist Lulu Garigiulo had quit the Fastbacks in 1987 to work full time in photography. By ’89, she had started playing drums in a band with Maryellen Cooley on bass, singer Ayne St. Martin and Fastbacks lead guitarist Kurt Bloch on guitar. The band only played a few shows with Kurt before he quit and Fastbacks bassist Kim Warnick replaced him. I’ve heard that Mudhoney was involved too but I don’t see where they fit in.

The band mostly played punk covers with some originals. In 1993, Lance Rock Records released 3 songs on a 7” EP. A fourth song was released on the ANOTHER DAMNED SEATTLE COMPILATION. Kurt Bloch was the producer for the recordings.

Lemmy knew about Motorhoney. He approved of the band and was reportedly spotted wearing a Motorhoney t-shirt.

The most important thing about Motorhoney though, is that the band got Kim & Lulu playing together again. The Fastbacks went on to do some of their best stuff in the next few years.


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