Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Where the girls are

Jim Bob & The Leisure Suits were one of the very first punk bands in Alabama. They were the second band to get a record out anyway, a band called the Ravers had one out in 1979.

In 1980 Jim Bob & The Leisure Suits released a 5 song EP called FIRST TIME on Polyester Records. The songs are short and the shortest of all is also the best song on the record. Most of the Jim Bob & The Leisure Suits songs are about girls or the beach.

The second 45 came out a year later. There are only two songs on the record and neither one is as good as anything from the first record. The band did manage to write one about girls and the beach. There is an LP that came out in 1982 but I haven’t found a copy of that yet.

Matt Kimbrell went on to play in quite a few Birmingham bands, most notably the Ho Ho Men and the Mambo Combo. Mots Roden and Leif Bondarenko both went on to play in the great Primitons. Somebody re-issue those Primitons records!


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