Monday, August 22, 2005

Let It Be & Other Hits

Albums by The Living Guitars are always worth getting. There’s always a few songs worth hearing. I like the 1970 record LET IT BE & OTHER HITS just because the idea of a Muzak* version of “American Woman” is so weird and strange that you know the band were laughing themselves sick when they recorded it. The originals are good too, there are bits in this song that remind me of The Cure.

The Living Guitars were led by Al Caiola, who played on thousands of records.

*Muzak is the wrong word. These guys were not playing Muzak or easy listening. These songs do rock. Well, kinda. I like 'em anyway. Admit it. If I didn't tell you these songs were recorded by the Living Guitars, how many of you would have guessed correctly?


Blogger Fire of lovE said...

so much nice music I didnt know about

23/8/05 3:41 AM  

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