Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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Travis Wammack started playing guitar when he was eight and first record came out when he was twelve. He was discovered playing on a street corner by Eddie Bond and started opening up shows for Warren Smith & Carl Perkins. Soon he was playing drums for Charlie Feathers.

In 1964, Chet Atkins chose not to release one of the greatest records EVER - "Scratchy" - because it scared him. I don't know if he listened to the B-side but I'm sure it would have scared him too. Wammack's producer, Roland Janes, let him be creative in the studio including using a playing through a drive-in movie speaker and a homemade fuzzbox made out of a tape recorder.

Wammack & Janes recorded a few more great songs but there were no hits. He became a session musician in Muscle Shoals Alabama, recording with Clarence Carter, Aretha Franklin, Bobbie Gentry, Lou Rawls, and the Osmond Brothers. Later on, Wammack spent 10 years leading Little Richard's backup band.

Yes, this is another repeat. Travis Wammack is playing at the KaffeeKlatsch in Huntsville on Saturday. If you’re in North Alabama, you should be there.


Blogger blip said...

Thanks! Travis Wammack is the bomb!

15/2/06 3:33 PM  
Blogger theoldroadhog said...

good stuff lately! I have a few I'd like to post. Talk to you later!

Your lazy pardner, theoldroadhog.

17/2/06 3:34 AM  

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