Thursday, January 11, 2007

I'm not saying

After a few years of making movies, Nico moved to New York and decided to become a singer. She spent some time at the Blue Angel Lounge and had an affair with Alain Delon.

In 1964, Nico met Brian Jones and he introduced her to Andrew Loog Oldham. Oldham signed Nico to his Immediate label and got his house producer - Jimmy Page – to make a record with Nico. The single came out in August 1965 and it’s a pretty good record. The A-side is an early Gordon Lightfoot song, it’s pretty good but I know some people don’t like the strings. Pfffft. The B-side is an Oldham/Page song and is the better of the two. Brian Jones is rumored to be playing guitar somewhere on here. I wonder if there are any outtakes? The single was re-issued in 1982 and again in 2003.

The record was not a hit. Nico went back to the Blue Angel where she met Andy Warhol introduced her to a band that was not looking for a girl singer.


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