Monday, January 08, 2007

Nobody likes Aunt Bea's wig

Not every record I bought twenty years ago was great. I liked both of these songs when I first got the record but neither one of them has aged all that well. To tell the truth, I had forgotten all about Club Gaga until a couple days ago when I flipped by the 45 while I was looking for something else.

Singing is Club Gaga's main drawback. “Deseo Tu” does start sounding better after I get used to the vocals but the song is way too long. That's pretty much how I felt about in 1985 too. The flip side would sound kinda like the Pastels if the song had fewer singers and less percussion. Was this really an episode of Andy Griffith show?

The record was released on Vraiment Records. The band's own label? There are at least two different covers so I guess there was a second pressing. I don’t know of any other records by the band.

Club Gaga was a big band, there are 7 members listed on the back of the record. No last names though so I don’t know if anybody went on to any other bands. Except for organist Bryan Cook. He was in numerous bands, including Time Toy, The Is/Ought Gap, Oh OK, The Kilkenny Cats and The Hindu Love Gods.


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