Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Calling Anyone

Another request for a repost. This time it’s Art In The Dark’s 1993 EP.

Here’s what I wrote about the record then:
Art In The Dark released a 4-song EP in 1983. The record was produced by Mitch Easter's at his Drive-In Studios in January and September of that year. This song is pretty much a textbook example of jangle. The whole record is good, it might’ve been a paisley underground classic if the band had lived in Los Angeles instead of Athens, GA.

Here’s the other two songs and there’s more of the band’s story here.

A few months after the original post, Art In The Dark keyboard player Sam McNair sent a message explaining what really did happen to the Art In The Dark. You can read that here.


Blogger Peabody's Think Tank said...

Wow... I can't thank you enough! I guess everyone remembers their favorite performance and for me, this was it! The production on this ep really gave them justice. Thanks again!

15/7/07 12:46 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

I would LOVE to get a copy of these MP3s! Will swap, pay, beg!

19/11/07 10:59 PM  

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