Friday, July 06, 2007

"This is something from the new album"

A while back, I posted something about David Werner. I also offered to post the promo only live record if anyone was interested.

Somebody was interested.

Epic Records recorded Werner's October 3, 1979 appearance at the Whiskey in Los Angeles. I don't know if there were plans to release the whole show or an official live LP. Whatever plans there were fell through. Five of the songs were released as one side of a promo record. Three of the songs were from Werners then current LP. Two songs weren't. It's a good record. If anybody ever reissued DAVID WERNER on CD, I hope they remember to include these as bonus tracks. Even better, release the whole show.

Boston's WBCN had something to do with the record but I'm not sure what it was. Side two of the LP is an eight minute summation of the WBCN broadcasting day. I'm not gonna post it because I really didn't want to listen to it again.


Blogger C_L_A_S_S_I_C__R_O_C_K__B_L_O_G said...

Very cool! What a shame this is not commercially available. Thank you very much!

10/7/07 1:00 PM  

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