Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lover's Satellite

Los Angeles neighbors Henry Bellinger and Johnny Lageman were both high school students when they decided to make a record. The called themselves the Duals and worked with L.A. music industry veteran Ron Barnett to come up with some songs to record. Barnett added some car noises to one of the songs and pressed up the single on his Star Revue label. Sonny Bono was brought in to help promote the release, Bono and Barnett got the record into southern California record stores and on the radio. Sue Records picked up the 45 and got it into the charts, rising as high as the top twenty. In September of 1961, The Duals appeared on American Bandstand and with Jackie Wilson and Etta James at the Apollo in New York City.

Sue also released an LP by the Duals, which I found in the free bin at Sunburst Records a few years ago. It’s a pretty good album of instrumental songs. “Lover’s Satellite” is my favorite. Unfortunately, there are a couple of vocal songs too. Bad idea. There is a CD available but I’ve gotten used to the scratches on my worn-out LP. The songs wouldn’t seem right without them there.


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