Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tempo of the veils

SOUL OF THE EAST is a fairly common sight in the cheap bins. Pick one up next time you see it. It's worth a couple bucks. I paid a dollar for it at Phonolux in Nashville about 15 years ago.

The record was released twice. Cameo Records released it in 1960 with a picture of a camel on the cover. In 1964, Cameo's budget division Wyncote Records dropped two songs from the LP and put it out again. The budget label also used a much better cover – a picture of a harem girl.

Buddy Sarkissian was a highly regarded dumbeg player. He was called the 'King of the Near-Eastern Drummers' and apparently worked as the musical director at the International Hotel in Las Vegas. Sarkissian died in 2000. Oud player and violinist Fred Elias is also featured on the record.


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