Thursday, July 19, 2007


Another 45 that I found in that box of tools at a flea market in Johnson City, TN. This one is by Bonnie Lou. I had no idea who Bonnie Lou was but it was on King Records and that’s always a good enough reason to buy a 45.

It turn’s out that Bonnie Lou (real name: Mary Joe Kath) was a fairly popular country singer in the late 40’s-early 50’s. In 1955, King suggested that she record a few songs in the up and coming Rock & Roll style. She did and had one of the first Rock & Roll hits sung by a white woman. Bonnie Lou didn’t have another hit until 1958. That was her last hit record but Bonnie Lou did have a long television career in Cincinnati.

Interesting trivia: Bonnie Lou actually recorded Murry Wilson’s “Two-Step Side Step” in 1954. It wasn’t a hit but I bet there was a boxful next to the record player at the Wilson house in Hawthorne.


Blogger carl1971 said... name is grandmother knew bonnie lou years grandmother was pregnent for my aunt and bonnie asked her if she had a girl to name it after her,bonnie my gradmother aunts name is bonnie she got to know her was in the 50s my grandma's mom and dad had a chainsaw shop and they would go to the state fair in columbus ohio to sell there chainsaws and one day,bonnie lou and grandma got to grandma said she hasen't seen her for many years is so cool to know that grandma new her.i found a bonnie lou cd at a flea market and a picture of bonnie lou,so i bought it for my aunt to keep,because she was named after her.i don't know if bonnie lou passed away,but i would love to have her address if she is not passed away.i would get her and grandma talking again after all these years.please write me at thanks for the memory.

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